Sample Day at The Ashokan Center

Sample Day at The Ashokan Center

Arrive:When a student steps foot on The Ashokan Center’s beautiful campus, instructors are waiting to help them unload their luggage. The instructors then lead the new group to an opening circle where they take turns introducing themselves and sharing a fun fact. Afterwards, the instructors help the students move into their bunkhouse and prepare for their first meal. On each arrival day instructors meet with teachers to gather pertinent medical and behavioral information. During this time, the students enjoy an orientation meeting.

Pre-Breakfast Activity: Before breakfast, students have the opportunity to participate in an instructor-lead morning ritual such as a short hike, tending to the barn animals, or writing in their journals. (45 minutes)

Program Classes: Instructors lead 1.5 hours long classes with students. One class is offered on arrival and departure day, 3 classes are taught on day 2 of trip. Instructors are responsible for one group of 8 to 12 students at a time.

Meals: On a rotating basis, instructors act as “Instructors of the Day.” These instructors are responsible for running all meals that day, making announcements to the student body and overseeing set-up and cleanup of the dining hall. A game involving measuring food waste and discussing composting introduces ideas and concepts of sustainability.

Open Recreation: This (supervised) block of time allows students to have social and self-care time. Activities include playing in our athletic field, resting in the bunkhouse, journaling in our inspirational woods or pastures. The teachers supervise the bunkhouse and the rec field is supervised by Ashokan instructors. Open Recreation is 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

Evening Program: Teachers choose evening programs (in advance of their class’s arrival to Ashokan) that will complement the day programs. On occasion, Ashokan instructors are responsible for running an evening program. This includes night hikes, skits and songs and campfires.

Night Reading and Bunk Supervision: Ashokan instructors supervise the students at night in the bunkhouse. Bunk supervisors, who reside in the bunkhouse with the students, read communally to the students before bedtime. If you are bunk supervisor for the night, you are responsible for the students until pre-breakfast activity the following morning. Instructors can expect to act as bunk supervisor at least once a week.

Friday Meetings: At the end of the week the entire program staff comes together to debrief the week. Feedback is recorded for next year’s trip and the following weeks school and schedule is discussed. This is also a chance for instructors to give “shout-outs” to co-instructors.  

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