“I never knew there were so many stars before!”

After seeing the stars on his first night at Ashokan, a fifth-grader was filled with astonished wonder. Remember how you felt when you saw the Milky Way for the first time? Many children now grow up without ever seeing stars.

Child at Ashokan

Sadly, we hear from many schools that are eager to bring students, but can’t afford the cost.

Give kids a chance to experience nature up close.

Schools are making plans right now for their kids to visit Ashokan. A three-day visit costs $240, which includes two overnight stays, meals and all programs. A gift of $30 will sponsor a day trip for one child, so please take a moment to give now.

Once you’ve spent time at Ashokan, you carry the experience with you.

The sense of stepping outside time to be immersed in nature and the arts and feeling a true part of a community creates lasting memories for people of all ages.

Star rectangleYour gift right now means we’ll be able to say “Yes!” to more kids, so they can see the stars.

Please email us if you have any questions. We deeply appreciate your support – and the kids are truly grateful!

You can give now using our new secure donation portal, or as always, you can donate via Paypal,  mail a check, or call us with your credit card number.

Want to help more? On the donation page, you can choose options for giving monthly or quarterly so we know that we can count on your regular gifts. And, please contact your HR department to find out whether your employer matches gifts.

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