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Online Old Time Rollick 2021

Friday, May 21st – Sunday, May 23rd

Friday night concert, classes and jamming on Saturday & Sunday in zoom, and plenty of opportunity to ask questions as you learn new tunes & techniques! All registrants have 1 year access to archived videos and resources.

Learn Appalachian fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass, and singing from a fantastic staff of online teachers. We hope these online workshops, jams, and concerts will help you to deepen your playing, build your repertoire, make new friends, and pass the time. Register below! The Online Rollick is open to all folks, all ages, all orientations. Come join the Ashokan Online Rollick family!

THIS YEAR’S AMAZING STAFF: Emily Schaad, fiddle II & III; Riley Baugus, banjo II & III; Nic Gareiss, flatfoot dance; Judy Hyman, open tuned fiddle; Jeff Claus, banjo uke & rhythm, Val Mindel & Emily Miller, singing-with special guest Ginny Hawker; Nokosee Fields and Ryan Nickerson, Saturday concert; Maggie Shar, banjo I; Molly Mason, stringbass; Jay Ungar; Debra Clifford, OT geetar, rhythm mando and camp host with Becca Wintle, fiddle I. Also a Sunday afternoon Earl White Stringband Concert w/Earl, Adrienne Davis, Stephanie Wolf & Victor Furtado. Sunday Live From London: The Transatlantic Tea with Isabel Williams & Emily Waddilove!
Flexible pricing: $35-$100 Please self-select based on your ability to pay. All registrants will receive zoom links and 1 year access to archived video of the event. For registration assistance call 845-657-8333 x-25
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DEBRA CLIFFORD, Totnes, Devon, England. Camp Host; Old Time Guitar, Rhythm Mandolin and more

This is Debra’s 6th year as an Old Time Rollick host. She plays guitar, banjo, mandolin and sings lead & harmony. Debra plays in The Farwells, a duo with Becca Wintle, and is a member of the Lonesome Sisters with Sarah Hawker. They have recorded 7 CDs and were voted best acoustic duo of 2006 by Gibson Guitars. She has toured extensively with Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz, as well as singing workshops with Val Mindel. She has recorded an Old Buck CD with Emily Schaad, Riley Baugus & Sabra Guzman. Debra has taught at Ashokan Southern Week for years, as well as US, Scotland and England camps. In Summer 2019, she placed 2nd with the Mother Cluckers (with Becca, Susie Goehring and Tricia Spencer) in the Trad Contest at the Clifftop Appalachian String Band Festival, her 4th Clifftop contest win. She and Becca also play in The Waggonhoppers, a UK band with Jock Tyldesley & Vera Van Heeringen.

BECCA WINTLE, Totnes, Devon, England. Camp Host; Fiddle I and more

Becca plays fiddle, guitar and sings lead in The Farwells with Debra Clifford. From the UK, she has been playing fiddle since a young age, first learning classical and then folk fiddle, playing in an English Country dance band for many years. She later became interested in bluegrass and ultimately old time music. She lived for 3 years in the US with Debra, and has gained a reputation for her patient and clear teaching style and her emphasis on bowing technique and pulse. She sings and plays lead fiddle with The Waggonhoppers, a UK band, and with the Mother Cluckers in the US, a pop-up clifftop band with Debra Clifford, Susie Goehring and Tricia Spencer who together placed 2nd in the Traditional Band Contest at the Clifftop Appalachian String Band Festival 2019. She and Debra now live in Totnes, Devon, England.

RILEY BAUGUS, Walkertown, NC. Banjo II & III

Riley Baugus represents the very best of old time clawhammer banjo and song. His powerful singing voice and his expert musicianship place him squarely in the next generation of the quality American roots tradition. 

He is a native of the southern Appalachians. His family roots lie in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, and he grew up learning the music of the region from older musicians in the area. In his performances, Riley focuses on old time songs, ballads and tunes from the Blue Ridge, and the stories that accompany them.   

Riley has been called on to play and sing on many projects through the years, including for the Academy Award winning film, Cold Mountain, the multi-Grammy winning recording by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Raising Sand, and with Willie Nelson on his recording, Country Music.

   He makes his home near Walkertown, NC, where, when not performing or teaching, he builds finely handcrafted old time banjos.

EMILY SCHAAD, Asheville, NC. Fiddle II & III

Emily Schaad is known for a complex and powerful fiddling style, and has taken first place in numerous stringband and fiddle contests, including the Appalachian Stringband Music Festival in Clifftop, WV. Emily came to the music of the southern Appalachians as a classical violist, teacher, and conductor, and once the archaic and driving sound of the fiddle and banjo found her, she never looked back.

MAGGIE SHAR, Easthampton, MA. Beginning Banjo

Trained as an educator and really into nerding out about banjo playing,  Maggie is known as an accessible and creative teacher.  Born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina,  and now living in western Massachusetts, Maggie has been playing banjo since 2004.  She won 1st  place in the 2018 Northeast Fiddler’s Convention Banjo Contest, 1st place at the 2018 Oldtone Roots Festival Banjo Contest, and honorable mention in the 2020 Online Oldtime Banjo Competition. She now teaches private and group banjo classes to people of all ages all over the world.  She is also a member of The Moon Shells, The Ephemeral Stringband,  and is co-creator of Little Roots, an early childhood music program.  Maggie has eight albums between the three bands.  

JUDY HYMAN, Ithaca NY. Open Tuned Fiddle & more

From Ithaca, NY, land of lakes, gorges, waterfalls and colleges, Judy is a co-founding member of the alt-trad band, The Horse Flies (www.thehorseflies.com), who toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe (including appearances on eTown, Prairie Home Companion, All Things Considered, World Café, and Mountain Stage), and recorded many albums (including releases on MCA and Rounder Records).  Judy has been featured twice in Fiddler Magazine.  She was also included in their 20th and 25th anniversary celebrations, first in 2014 as one of 20 master fiddlers in their “Fiddlers 20” booklet/cd set, and again in 2019 when she was commissioned to write an original waltz.  Judy played with Natalie Merchant’s band on several albums and tours, including appearances on Good Morning America and Late Night with Letterman.  She also composes music for film and television (www.j2filmmusic.com), was featured in Electronic Musician Magazine for her film music, and won an Emmy Award.  An old-time fiddler at heart, Judy has taught at music camps throughout the U.S. over many decades and is delighted to be participating in the Old-Time Rollick.

JEFF CLAUS, Ithaca NY. Banjo Uke & more

Jeff‘s one of the founding members of the The Horse Flies, about whom the New York Times said: “The Horse Flies have figured out how to hold a hoedown in a physics lab.” Rolling Stone wrote, “They churn out swirling, addictive songs, blending tradition with invention.” Jeff has toured extensively in the U.S., Canada, and Europe; recorded on a major label; appeared on MTV, Prairie Home Companion, All Things Considered, Mountain Stage, eTown, and more; and played numerous festivals and concert series (e.g., Central Park Summerstage, Telluride Bluegrass, Vancouver Folk, Winnipeg Folk, LEAF, Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Smithsonian Festival of American Folk Life). He has taught at numerous festivals, camps, and schools, and has had songs and music used by film director Oliver Stone (in Any Given Sunday), Natalie Merchant (including on two albums and Late Night with David Letterman), MTV’s Rock the Vote, the band Fiery Furnaces, and others. He has also co-composed and/or mixed music for over 25 feature and documentary films, mostly with his partner and best friend, Judy Hyman (www.j2filmmusic.com), and some with The Horse Flies. Jeff has a deep and abiding love of Southern traditional fiddle music, having been immersed in it for over 45 years. He’s an especially committed fan of rhythm, groove, and drone, and loves working with diverse people interested in developing their skills for providing solid, rhythmic backup on banjo uke and guitar.

NIC GAREISS, Lansing MI, Flatfoot Concert & Class

Named one of Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch,” dancer, musician, and dance researcher Nic Gareiss (he/they) has been hailed by the New York Times for his “dexterous melding of Irish and Appalachian dance” and called “the most inventive and expressive step dancer on the scene” by the Boston Herald. He reimagines movement as a musical practice, recasting dance as a medium that appeals to both eyes and ears. Originally from what’s now known as Michigan, Gareiss engages many percussive dance traditions, weaving together a dance technique facilitating his love of improvisation, clog, flatfoot, and step dance footwork vocabulary, and musical collaboration. In 2020 Nic received the Michigan Heritage Award, the state’s highest distinction bestowed on traditional artists. He has performed in sixteen countries at venues including London’s Barbican Centre, the Irish National Concert Hall, the Munich Philharmonic, and the Kennedy Center.

VAL MINDEL & EMILY MILLER, Elkins WV. Singing, Gospel Sing & Song Swap

Val Mindel and daughter Emily Miller count up more than 50 years of American traditional and country music between them, singing, teaching and performing. They have two albums together, a 2007 album, “In the Valley, and a 2013 album, “Close to Home.” In addition Val and Emily have frequently been on staff at various Ashokan camps as well as other camps across the U.S. and abroad and, in these pandemic days, on Zoom. Emily, now artistic director of the Augusta Heritage Center, performs with husband, West Virginia fiddler, guitarist and songwriter Jesse Milnes and with The Sweetback Sisters, a popular country band heard on such national venues as Mountain Stage. Val has played with a number of bands, including the West Coast’s Any Old Time String Band and is the author of So You Want to Sing Folk Music, part of the “So You Want to Sing” series published by Rowman and Littlefield in conjunction with the National Association of Teachers of Singing in the U.S. They both live West Virginia.

NOKOSEE FIELDS AND RYAN NICKERSON, Lafayette, Louisiana, Saturday Concert

Born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Nokosee Fields began studying orchestral violin at a young age. After years of learning and performing Classical music. Nokosee has recently turned his attention to various forms of traditional American music, performing, teaching, and touring professionally. Also a bassist, he tours with the Country band Western Centuries, as well as the old time band Steam Machine.

As a teacher, he has taught at the Augusta Heritage Center, tutored at Centrums festival of American fiddle tunes, and was the artist in residence for the Portland old time gathering. He’s placed in numerous fiddle contests and most notably took first in the 2019 Appalchian string band festival fiddle competition in Clifftop WV. Nokosee’s lengthy and diverse experience in the performing arts gives him a unique approach to creating, listening and facilitating music.

Nokosee Fields and Ryan Nickerson on guitar will play a one hour concert on Saturday May 22nd at the Online Rollick. They have devoted many years to the old time musical traditions of southern Appalachia and the Midwest, inspired particularly by the sounds and rhythms of the music’s earliest recordings. Along the way their musical interests have broadened to include many other varieties of traditional music, incorporating material from Early Blues, Country, and Cajun into their performances.

JAY UNGAR & MOLLY MASON, West Hurley NY. Stringbass Class

Molly Mason learned her first guitar chords from Public Television, while growing up in Battle Ground, WA in the 1960s. She soon used those skills to back up the fiddling and singing of her uncle Reynald and brother James. Molly quickly mastered the passing chords and moving bass lines of Texas contest style guitar backup and was in demand as a go-to accompanist. In 1976 she got an upright bass and was soon the bassist with a series of bands and fiddlers including the great Benny Thomason and in Garrison Keillor’s Powder Milk Biscuit Band on his weekly show “A Prairie Home Companion.” In 1980, the lure of the fiddle brought her to upstate New York, to join Fiddle Fever, Jay Ungar’s new triple fiddle band. A lover of all styles of fiddle music, she has since become adept at accompanying everything from old time, to swing, to Celtic, Cajun, Klezmer and more. Today Molly serves as Vice President of the Ashokan Center and teaches at several Ashokan camps. She and Jay continue to record and perform together. Their weekly Quiet Room concerts on Facebook Live are heard by thousands of people round the world.

GINNY HAWKER, Elkins WV. Special Guest for Trio singing with Val & Emmy, Gospel Sing

Ginny started singing with her father’s family in the unaccompanied tradition of his church that came to this country from Scotland. When she started teaching at the Augusta Heritage Center in WV, her home state, she was encouraged by Hazel Dickens, Mike Seeger, and Tracy Schwarz to take her stories and singing talents to folks outside her native Appalachian area. For the past 35 years she has sung and taught in Canada, the British Isles, and across the US.  Ginny has recorded 4 albums with her husband, Tracy Schwarz, 3 with Kay Justice, and 2 solos albums.  A good sample of Ginny’s way with a song can be heard on You Tube in “Wall of Bottles”  from her Cd,  After It’s Gone.  Ginny has been the coordinator of Classic Country Week at Augusta for the past 12 years and has taught at Ashokan Southern Week for the past 30 years.


Earl White has been a mainstay in the Oldtime music and dance community for more than 45+ years. He is an original and founding member of the famed Green Grass Cloggers and has delighted many with his dancing and heartfelt, driving style of fiddling.

Adrienne Davis has been playing Oldtime guitar for 15 years and was inspired by the music of the Foghorn Stringband while she lived in Portland OR. 

Earl and Adrienne are a dynamic duo who heads the Earl White Stringband and have taught at many music camps across the US. The Earl White Stringband also consists of Victor Furtado on banjo and Stephanie Wolf, stringbass! 

MONICA-LISA MILLS, Brooklyn NY. Zoom host and Singing

Monica-Lisa Mills sings traditional songs from Ireland and the American south -including Appalachian, early country, old time, sacred harp, primitive Baptist, and related styles. She has taught singing at the Jalopy Theater and School of Music, in Brooklyn, NY and regularly hosts singing gatherings and old time jams.

ISABEL WILLIAMS AND EMILY WADDILOVE, London UK, Hosts of the Transatlantic Tea

The Transatlantic Tea: Isabel Williams and Emily Waddilove, good UK old time music friends of Debra and Becca, travelled across the pond to Ashokan Southern Week and made many new friends. They are hosting this event to bring together old friends and new for some cross-cultural fun, tea and cake: crack out your scone recipes!


The Ashokan Center builds community through shared experiences in nature, history, music and art. For 40 years we have hosted traditional Music & Dance Camps at our 385 nature preserve. In 2020 we learned how to host them online!

“Joyous and talented teachers. Feeling not only warmly welcomed, but also individually included interactively” – Amy

“The teachers were so reachable and personable. I really enjoyed the whole camp and it was so well run. I hope they will continue to have virtual camps in the future since we live so far away.” – Timothy

“Wonderfull and inspiring teachers. I appreciate that every single teacher I had came fully prepared and then some. Especially given the challenges of technology, this was extraordinary. Huge kudos to the behind -the- scenes worker bees. Thank you Ashokan folks, you will definitely see me and mine again some day.” – Donna

Come join the Ashokan family to celebrate, learn, connect, deepen your music, make new friends, and brighten your day. Our events are open to all folks, all ages and all orientations. 

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