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Acoustic Guitar Camp Online

Peter Davis hosts an online week of workshops for guitarists of all levels. Come away with new repertoire and techniques, a reinvigorated sense of direction and purpose, and a greater confidence and joy in making music on your guitar!

Celebrate, learn, and connect with us online for workshops, jams, and concerts that will help you deepen your playing, build your repertoire, make new friends, and brighten your day. Register below! Our events are open to all folks, all ages, all orientations. We are SO GRATEFUL to our community for coming together in spirit and supporting these talented musicians and this historic and beautiful venue. Come join the Ashokan family! 

The Ashokan Center sits on 385 acres in NY State and builds community through shared experiences in nature, history, music and art. For 40 years we have hosted traditional Music & Dance Camps. This year we have learned how to host them online! 

“This is the first online weekend I have done and I have to say you nailed 
it.” – William in Belfast


“From the musicians/teachers to the tech support… everything went very
 smoothly and I learned a lot! MORE! MORE! – Kay in Pennsylvania


  • Give what you can – Sliding Scale Registration!
  • Try interactive workshops, nightly jams & song swaps with world-class instructors
  • Take one class or as many as you like
  • Participate via Zoom or watch on private livestream
  • Unmute and socialize in our lunchtime hangout
  • Experience virtual tours of the beautiful Ashokan campus
  • Access great online resources to keep your toes tapping and a sweet song in your heart
  • Tune in for special curated audio playlists
  • Enjoy the post-camp video archive & resource folder for a year!

Our Fun & Friendly Instructors:

Blues & Ragtime / Early Blues Women: Where It All Started

Blues Fingerpicking 101 / Holy Blues Guitar

Boom Chuck to Cross Picking In 60 Minutes / Up The Neck With Familiar Chord Shapes

Fingerstyle Basics: Survey Of Styles / Fretboard Basics: Intervals

Adventurous Folk Guitar / Intro to Swing Guitar

Blues & Country Fingerpicking: The Steady Thumb / Blues of Brownie McGhee

Swing Jazz Repertoire / Swing Rhythm Guitar of Freddie Green

Band In A Box / Beyond Strumming

Moving Forward with Backup: 4/4 and 3/4

Wednesday July 29, 2020

4-6pm Welcome Gathering
Everyone is invited to say hello and check in to make sure their technology is working nicely. Friendly Zoom tech support will be available.
6-7pm Meet the Teachers!
Our great teaching staff will introduce themselves and share a sampling of what they’ll be teaching at camp
7-8pm Jamalong/Singalong

Thursday July 30, 2020

10-11am Fretboard Basics with Peter Davis
Learn the names and numbers of the notes on the fretboard and the beautiful patterns that they make. Can we see the fretboard in a more linear way - like, um, a piano?
10-11am Folk & Blues - the Steady Thumb with Happy Traum
Unravel the mysteries of the steady-bass thumb-and-finger styles used by blues and country pickers and singer/songwriters. All levels welcome.
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch Hang
Let’s enjoy a bit of selective un-muting, unwind, and get to know each other.
1-2pm Intro to Swing Guitar with Sylvia
Play and sing easy jazz and swing songs in this supportive and fun class. Pick up new chord shapes and hone your feel using basic first-position chords (A, C, G, D, etc.)
1-2pm Blues Fingerpicking 101 with Robert
A solid introduction and foundation for the aspiring blues fingerpicker with techniques for developing bass lines and moving first position chord shapes up the neck.
3-4pm Freddie Greene with Larry
This class will focus on “Freddie Green” rhythm style and specific three note chord voicings that lend themselves to any setting….duo to big-band.
3-4pm Boom Chuck to Crosspicking with Jefferson
A workout for your right hand: moving towards a more advanced rhythm guitar style. Starting with a basic boom-chuck rhythm, we'll add bass walks and cross picking.
7-8:30pm Bluesy Jam with Mary & Robert
7-8:30pm Singalong Playalong with Happy & Molly

Friday July 31, 2020

10-11am Basic Fingerstyle Overview with Peter Davis
Wanna be a fingerstyle guitarist? Learn the basics various techniques. Thumb and 1, 2 or 3 fingers for Blues, Folk, Jazz, Bossa.
10-11am Beyond Strumming with Jeffrey
Learn how to add variety and power to your accompaniment with partial chords, bass lines, muting, and cross-picking.
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch Hang
Let’s enjoy a bit of selective un-muting, unwind, and get to know each other.
1-2pm Holy Blues Guitar with Robert
Use the language of blues guitar to tell a sacred message by exploring the CAGED system, finger picking principles, the relative minor chord, and other essential tools.
1-2pm Adventurous Folk Guitar with Sylvia
Discover new sounds you can make with your guitar as you sing and play beautiful, fun, folk & pop classics.
3-4pm Blues & Ragtime Guitar with Mary
Explore syncopation, movable chords, alternating thumb and get a better understanding of feel-good, fingerpicking Piedmont style blues.
3-4pm Moving Forward with Backup 3/4 with Molly
Improve your waltz accompaniment technique - focus on bass runs, exercises & theory. Jay Ungar will play fiddle for you to accompany!
7-8:30pm Swing Jam with Larry & Sylvia
7-8:30pm Song Swap with Jeffrey & Jefferson

Saturday Aug 1, 2020

10-11am Swing Jazz Repertoire with Larry
Add additional approaches to soloing and backing. For those who have had some experience playing swing/jazz standards.
10-11am Band in a Box with Jeffrey
With just one guitar and a flatpick, you can create the dynamic sound of a band, covering rhythm, riffs, and licks. Bring a capo.
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch Hang
Let’s enjoy a bit of selective un-muting, unwind, and get to know each other.
1-2pm Early Blues Women with Mary
A guitar and repertoire class paying tribute to the early country and classic blues women who started it all…Mamie, Minnie, Bessie, Sippie and more.
1-2pm Blues of Brownie McGhee with Happy
Learn Brownie McGhee’s rhythmic fingerpicking style, rich accompaniments, and intricate lead playing which influenced generations of guitarists around the world.
3-4pm Chord Shapes Up the Neck with Jefferson
Ever wish you could play higher up the neck? We'll connect those old familiar open chord shapes and unlock those mysterious upper frets.
3-4pm Moving Forward with backup 4/4 with Molly
Improve your 4/4 accompaniment technique - focus on fiddle tunes, and songs with bass runs, exercises & theory. Jay Ungar will be there too!
5-6:30pm Staff Concert
7-8:30pm Campers Night

Sunday Aug 2, 2020

10-11:30am All Camp Singaround
Everyone is invited to say hello and check in to make sure their technology is working nicely. Friendly Zoom tech support will be available.

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