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An online Scottish fiddle & cello workshop experience with your hosts Alasdair & Natalie plus Emerald Rae, Donal Sheets, and special guests Jay Ungar & Molly Mason.

1) ♥️GIVE WHAT YOU CAN ♥️to support Ashokan and these amazing instructors! We suggest $50 PER HOUSEHOLD to register but are truly grateful for ANY AMOUNT.

2) FULL SCHEDULE WITH LINKS will be emailed to you.

3) PARTICIPATE OR JUST WATCH one or more of the live workshops, jams, concerts, and chats. 

FRIDAY, MAY 1 • All schedule times are in EDT Eastern Daylight Time, New York USA
Jay & Molly play your favorite Scottish tunes - play along at home! Tech support available to help you get your Zoom video and audio working nicely.
SATURDAY, MAY 2 • All schedule times are in EDT Eastern Daylight Time, New York USA
Let's get into the MacNittyGritty of creating your own Scottish sound and informing your tunes with energy and life! We'll aso learn a couple of tunes!
11:30am-12:45pm NATALIE HAAS
All instruments welcome - we will explore accompaniment and arrangement ideas for the two tunes that you learned with Alasdair.
A relaxed and interactive chat with the teachers. Learn about their lives past and present and ask your own question!
3:15-4:30pm EMERALD RAE
Get moving while you play! Learn how to reduce pain and express yourself with stretching, posture work, foot tapping and stage craft.
Delve into the basics of backup! All Instruments welcome, learn about adding interesting counter parts, chords and rhythms to tunes.
Enjoy a tune or two from each of the staff live from their living rooms followed by a play-along jam session.

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2020 Cyber String Fling Camp Coordinators

ALASDAIR FRASER is consummate teacher and performer. Alasdair’s dynamic fiddling, engaging stage presence, and deep understanding of Scotland’s music has created an international demand for his concert performances. 

Born in the county of Clackmannan, Scotland, Alasdair now lives in California and tours regularly. He has been a major force behind the resurgence of traditional Scottish fiddling in his homeland and the United States, inspiring legions of listeners and learners through his recordings, annual fiddle camps, and concerts.

NATALIE HAAS is a vibrant and creative cellist, a seasoned performer and recording artist, and a skilled and experienced teacher. A graduate of the Juilliard School in New York City, Natalie discovered the cello at age nine. In addition to having extensive classical music training, she is accomplished in a broad array of fiddle genres. Her musical journey found purpose when she fell in love with Celtic music at Alasdair Fraser’s Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School at age 11. Inspired and encouraged by Alasdair, she began to investigate the cello’s potential for rhythmic accompaniment to fiddle tunes. Her and Fraser’s duo release, Fire & Grace, was awarded the Best Album of the Year in the Scots Trad Music Awards 2004. 

EMERALD RAE  brings the duo of strings and song to a new plateau with mesmerizing dexterity. Hailing from the historic fishing community of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Emerald Rae is both a small-town girl steeped in cherished folk traditions and a world-class artist breaking new ground with inventive fiddle effects. A degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music in Boston gave her the freedom to cast a wide creative net, while her grit and intensity was earned during her twenty-year career as a powerhouse fiddler and dancer. Rae embarked on her first journey into songwriting and multi-instrumentalism with If Only I Could Fly [May 2013], featuring her prowess on fiddle, vocals, guitar and the crwth [an ancient Welsh fiddle, pronounced “krooth”], and took to the road from the Canadian Maritimes to Shanghai. Single and video Blackbird [April 2017], a droning, groove-heavy version of the traditional Scottish Ballad, showcases her signature ornamented vocals and robust fiddling accompanied by a laid back djembe.

DONAL SHEETS played jazz bass and classical cello from a very young age, and has spent many years playing American and Irish folk music on cello and a variety of other instruments. The resonant chords and percussive rhythms of his cello create an indescribably vibrant soundscape, and have earned him the nickname of “Liquid Thunder”. Donal also plays mandolin and whistles, and is an accomplished sound engineer, running sound and recordings in Oberlin and beyond. He enjoys backpacking and kayaking, but sadly does not usually bring his cello on those ventures.

JAY UNGAR AND MOLLY MASON  are best known for their soulful renditions of traditional and original music drawn from a variety of roots music styles. Millions were entranced by the music they did for Ken Burns’ PBS documentary The Civil War and the series’ signature tune, Jay’s haunting composition, Ashokan Farewell. The soundtrack won a Grammy and Ashokan Farewell was nominated for an Emmy. This simple, but powerful melody was originally inspired by Jay’s experiences at the Music & Dance Camps that he founded at Ashokan in 1980. Together, Jay & Molly have headed the camps for nearly forty years and continue to enjoy teaching, jamming and sharing good times with visitors of all ages.

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