Kids inspired by nature at Ashokan

When this school year comes to a close, more than 4,000 kids from 65 schools will have experienced Ashokan’s outdoor and environment education programs, craft shops, and living history programs. Here are two journal entries from 6th graders who visited our John Burroughs Writer’s Cabin:
“It’s almost fall and I am here at Ashokan. There is a light breeze but I can only feel it in the open. I am at the writer’s cabin looking around. Nothing is the same, the trees, the rocks, the leaves and even the air. The air is clean and fresh, something I do not get at home. I am hot, probably because I am wearing thick clothes. It is beautiful here. There is a hill, I can not see how steep it is but it has trees and I can see those. The ground looks like someone froze the ocean waves in a big storm and turned the water into dirt.”
“Dim sunlight pushes through overlapping branches to illuminate the hushed forest floor. The ground, littered with crunchy leaves, announces the dawning of Autumn. A woodpecker works in the distance busy and determined, letting loose a series of hollow sounds, like marbles falling to the floor. The canopy is alive with hidden birds, occasionally exchanging greetings and chirps. A small of musk and sap hangs in the air, which is still save for the curious hoot of a nearby owl. A squirrel bounds by, carrying its stash of treasures in its mouth. The forest is alive. A hidden, hushed alive.”
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