Autoharps & Dulcimers Cybergathering 2020 Archive

Autoharp Accompaniment

John Cerrigone
Strum Patterns, for players of all levels Chromatic harps welcome (keys of F, C, G, D) ¾ and 4/4 time to accompany voice and instruments.

Autoharp Waltzes

Neal Walter
For intermediate players. We'll take a couple of simple waltzes and work on both accompaniment strums and learning the melodies...then explore filling in the “holes” with fills & flourishes.

Ballads & Sacred Songs

Don Pedi
Join in to play and/or sing along with these traditional songs, mostly from the Southern Appalachian mountains. All levels and instruments welcome!

Farewell Jam

Everyone is welcome to play-along and sing-along one last time!

Hammered Dulcimer

Cliff Cole
We're going to turn Whiskey Before Breakfast into a Whiskey Sour by playing it in a minor key. Time permitting, we'll do some other tunes as well. Intermediate & advanced players.

Hammered Dulcimer – Intermediate

Heidi Cerrigone
Learn the lovely Shepard's Wife Waltz on phrase at time. For intermediate players.

Hammered Dulcimer Basics

Anne Dilker
For beginners! Using BOTH hands, drones can be good & time permitting, harmonics and chords

Hold Fast to the Right & Never Grow Old

Heidi Cerrigone
Key of C, sing & play both melody and harmony. All levels and instruments welcome!

Know Your Mountain Dulcimer Before Using Whiskey (Before Breakfast)

Norm Williams
Understand the breadth of this simple instrument, explore 5 keys/5 tunings, using a capo and playing across the fretboard. Novice/Intermediate

Mountain Dulcimer – Hand Skills

Norm Williams
Hand Skills or ways to make your fingers love you—in time tools to improve your playing great for novice – intermediate players

Mountain Dulcimer – Intermediate

Don Pedi
Suggested techniques applied to a variety of Old-Time Songs & Fiddle Tunes from Western North Carolina & Eastern Kentucky. For intermediate players

Old Time Mountain Dulcimer

Don Pedi
for Beginners. Have fun while developing a strong foundation for playing Old-Time Music. Strumming and fingering techniques applied to simple versions of mountain songs.

Rudimentary, My Dear Watson! Hammered Dulcimer

Cliff Cole
Applying some rudiments of percussion to enhance your playing. We'll cover “sticking”, Single & double roll strokes, paradiddles, and flams. It's fun! All levels.

So You’re Ready To Record

Coleen Walters
Coleen will walk you through all you need to know to get started on your own recordings. We will address preparation, recording, copyright, CD replication, and production. Bring your questions!

Staff Concert

featuring Don Pedi, Neal & Coleen Walter (half of Doofus), John & Heidi Cerrigone (the other half of Doofus), Norm Williams

Stephen Foster Melodies for Autoharp

Heidi Cerrigone
Learn to sing and Play both the melody and harmony to Nelly Bly & Slumber My Darling Adv. Beginner/Intermediate Harp with Key of C required

Thumb Lead Autoharp

Neal Walter
Here's a way to play melody on the autoharp as an alternative to the pinch-pluck method of playing. This approach flows directly from a simple country accompaniment style.
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