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Staff Directory


Amanda Oetzel, Housekeeping
Andrew Belfiglio, Kitchen
Bill Brantmeyer, Health & Safety Coordinator
Bill Warnes, Executive Chef
Caroline Bailey, Education Outreach and Communications Manager
Dan Shornstein, Education Director
Danyel Zehnick, Housekeeping
Del Orloske, Educator (on call)
Dennis Grant, Education Operations Coordinator
Ellen Kalish, Educator (on call)
Emily Masters, Educator
Hailey Luedtke, Education Supervisor
Háleigh Belmont, Kitchen
James Williams, Director of Facilities & Maintenance
Jason Masters, Facilities & Maintainence
Jay Ungar, President/CEO
Jessie Lightstone, Kitchen
Joe Martignetti, Facilities & Maintainence
Joseph Lightstone, Kitchen
Larry Federeau, Kitchen
Lisa Hurley, Special Events Co-ordinator
Lisa Shields DeRuvo, Data Coordinator
Malcom Grant, Facilities & Maintainence
Molly Mason, Vice President
Ovi Horta, Music & Dance Assistant + Video Content Manager
Peter Cook, Managing Director
Robin Quick, Housekeeping
Rochelle Victor, Tech Coordinator
Ruth Merenda, Director of Arts & Communication
Sara Trapani, Director of Development
Zoe Camhi, Educator

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