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Acoustic Guitar Online 2021

Blues Master Repertoire

Jontavious Willis
Taking inspiration from the master, Robert Johnson. Learn to play one or two of his classic and famous recorded tunes.

Blues Origins, Masters & Technique

Jontavious Willis
Origins and flavors of the Blues with a focus on Delta, Piedmont, Texas, and Gospel. This session includes discussion and technique demonstrations.

Chord Progression Basics

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers
How do you know which chords fit together in a song? This workshop is a primer for songwriters or anyone who wants to better understand what’s under the hood of chord progressions.

Dig In Deep! Be a Groove Merchant!

Pamela Means
'Groove Merchant,' Pamela Means, will lead the way in strumming through the doldrums. A chord progression need not be complex to rock! We will groove and groove deeply, breaking out of perceived limitations from the same old, same old. Learn methods, tips, and tricks to develop versatility and diversify your right hand approach (or left if you strum southpaw style!)

Django Reinhardt’s Guitar Technique

Stephane Wrembel
What is technique? Stephane will give a short description followed by answering your questions.

Doorway to Chord Melody and Inversions

Cyd Smith
Have you been longing to explore the upper reaches of your guitar neck, or marveling at how guitarists know where to find the right notes when leaving the safety of the lower frets? Little mini-chords on the top three strings of your guitar can ease your entry into this somewhat forbidding territory. We’ll learn three different 3-note shapes and use them to tie a melody and chords together. Fear not! These chords and their neighbor tones are a key to understanding the map of the guitar neck.

Easy Swing Repertoire

Cyd Smith
Are you just starting to explore swing music with a few movable chords in your pocket? We’ll learn a few easy songs in the Swing and Western Swing traditions. For singers, we’ll also talk about how to use movable chords to put these songs in keys that work for you. Charts and links to great versions of the songs will help you continue your exploration long after this session is over.

Exploring Dropped-D Tuning

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers
Drop D tuning, where you tune the sixth string down to D, is a small change from standard tuning, but it opens up many new sounds in any style. Discover drop D chord voicings, grooves, and more.

Farewell Gathering/Jam

All Staff
Last concert featuring all staff! Last chance to sing, play, and dance along!

Finding Your Way On the Fretboard

Courtney Hartman
We’ll take what you already know about the basics of the fretboard and explore new patterns that will help you easily find notes and melodies up and down the guitar neck.

Flat-Picking Fiddle Tunes

Courtney Hartman
We'll take a quick look at flat-picking and right hand techniques, exploring what it means to use our weight instead of muscle. Then we'll learn a fiddle tune together and apply those techniques.

Harmony & Rhythm in Django Reinhardt’s Playing

Stephane Wrembel
What is Harmony and Rhythm? Stephane explains and your questions answered.

I Don’t Need Nobody! Be Your Own One-Man Band

Pamela Means
Tap into your inner one-man band. Grab a few guitar ideas to support your solo self rhythmically, dynamically, and melodically with confidence and ease. Where's the band? I am the band.

Improvisation: From Your Hand Onto the Guitar

Courtney Hartman
In this class, Courtney will guide you through a listening process she uses to help disassemble barriers that come between the melodies you hear in your head and your ability to fluidly express them on your guitar.

Jazz Hands: Class Up Your Chords

Pamela Means
No jazz appreciation required! Borrow from the best of the genre with extended chords and solid (non-jazz) ideas of how and when to use them. One tiny extra note can class up any chord progression!

Joni Mitchell “Ladies of the Canyon” in C Variant Tuning

Storey Littleton
Continuing our dive into Joni's open tuning, we will learn a song in a variant of open C tunings. Please tune in advance to open C Major Add 9, 11 (C-G-D-F-C-E) low to high, and bring a capo. We will be learning the song “Ladies Of the Canyon”. This song is fingerpicked, and played with a capo on the second fret! Please note: strings that are not especially new can break easily when de-tuning or re-tuning, especially the unwound high strings. Be sure to have spares handy! For a great review of Joni's tunings, check out Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers' article: https://acousticguitar.com/the-guitar-tuning-odyssey-of-joni-mitchell/

Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” in Open D Tuning

Storey Littleton
By the late 90s, Joni Mitchell had composed in 51 different guitar tunings.* Please tune in advance to open D (D-A-D-F#-A-D) low to high, and bring a capo. We will be learning “Both Sides Now”. This song is strummed, so bring a pick if you prefer to play with one. It is also played with a capo on the 4th fret. Please note: strings that are not especially new can break easily when de-tuning or re-tuning, especially the unwound high strings. Be sure to have spares handy! *https://acousticguitar.com/the-guitar-tuning-odyssey-of-joni-mitchell/

Opening Concert!

All Staff
Enjoy an inspiring sampling of what each person will be teaching!

Staff & Camper Sing and Play-along Tune Sharing

Cyd Smith, Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, Peter Davis, Pamela Means, Courtney Hartman
Sing and play along with staff and campers!

Texas Swing Chords

Molly Mason with Jay Ungar
Learn passing chords that fit between the regular I, IV, and V chords to add just the right sound for Texas Fiddle tunes as well as Western, Swing, Blues, and even Country Songs!

Two Swing Chord Shapes That Will Change Your Life

Cyd Smith
Learn two, 3-note, movable, guitar chord shapes and see how you can move them to get different chords—like bar chords, except much easier on your hand! Then, we’ll put these shapes to work in a few songs to see what they can do in action. This is a class for swing beginners. If you’re new to these shapes and to swing, this class is a comfortable introduction that welcomes the brave beginner guitarist and reaffirms foundational technique for more advanced players.



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