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Lovers’ Waltz Weekend 2021 Archive

Learn Louisiana Wedding Bells (guitar/vocal)

Molly Mason
Sing and play this Cajun style song by Molly and learn her techniques for accompanying the vocal and fiddle.

Learn Louisiana Wedding Bells (melody/backup)

Jay Ungar
Jay will a melodic solo and his approach to supporting and accompanying the vocal. He'll also delve into the world of Cajun seconding.

Learn Love of My Life (accompaniment)

Molly Mason
Molly will teach a piano accompaniment for this Scottish style lament. She'll reserve some time for guitarists as well, is some are interested.

Learn Love of My Life (melody)

Jay Ungar
Learn this heartfelt melody in two octaves. Jay will also teach expressive techniques like leading and trailing the beat, ornamentation and more.

Learn the Lover’s Lament (accompaniment/vocal)

Molly Mason
Learn to sing and play Molly's version of this traditional Appalachian heart song also known as "The Blackest Crow." She'll also guide guitar players into a simple rendition of the melody.

Learn the Lover’s Lament (melody/backup)

Jay Ungar
Learn the melody and variations, along with Jay's techniques and philosophy for tastefully accompanying the melody.

Learn the Lovers’ Waltz (accompaniment)

Molly Mason
Learn the chords, bass runs, dynamics and rhythmic techniques of Molly's accompaniment, first on guitar, then piano.

Learn the Lovers’ Waltz (melody/harmony)

Jay Ungar
A deep dive into the music and nuances of the melody you know and love with excursions into harmony, expression and ornamentation. Taught on fiddle - other instruments welcome!

Learn the Montague Processional (accompaniment)

Molly Mason
Learn Molly's drop-d guitar accompaniment for this classic walking tune by David Kaynor.

Learn the Montague Processional (melody/harmony)

Jay Ungar
This classic walking tune by David Kaynor is a favorite at Northern Week at Ashokan. Learn the melody and how to construct a harmony part.

Learn the Mountain House (accompaniment)

Molly Mason
Molly will teach her techniques for accompanying this beautiful lilting waltz including chords, bass runs, how to simplify and more.

Learn the Mountain House (melody/harmony)

Jay Ungar
Jay will teach share approach to melody, harmony and melodic variations for this lilting waltz

Song & Tune Circle

Hosted by Jay & Molly
Bring a favorite song or tune to share with hosts Jay & Molly and our zoom community.

Valentine’s Concert and Dance

Jay Ungar, Molly Mason
Swing, waltzes, and fiddle tunes ending with Ashokan Farewell. Play along at home, dance in your living room, or just sit back and listen!

Waltz Jam

Jay Ungar, Molly Mason
Jay & Molly will perform waltzes from their album The Lovers' Waltz and beyond. Play along at home, dance in your living room, or just sit back and listen!

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