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Old Time Online Rollick 2021

Banjo -Tips & Tools for Jamming

Maggie Shar
Learn to use chords, scales, and tools to free up your playing up and down the neck.

Banjo I

Maggie Shar
Learn a modal tune! Basic right hand technique, tuning and practice tips and a simple tune. Beginner friendly!

Banjo II

Riley Baugus
Banjo II: Riley will teach 'Roustabout' from the playing of Surry County, NC's own Fred Cockerham. Through this tune, we'll explore, piece by piece, the essential techniques used in Round Peak style from NC. We'll break down each part of the tune into easy to understand segments, and learn lots of fun techniques that are guaranteed, with practice, to spice up your playing.

Banjo III

Riley Baugus
Banjo III: Learn to play Riley's version of Undone In Sorrow, from Ola Belle Reed. We'll focus on the 'F' Tuning (fDGCD). This tuning is great for old tunes, new tunes and really good if you're a singer. This tuning requires we play out of chord shapes, rather than being tuned in an open tuning like 'G'. Part of our workshop will be learning the 4 chord shapes we'll need, and how to locate the melody within them. We'll also get into some interesting right hand patterns, using lots of drop thumbs, and we'll work on keeping track of where we are in the basic rhythm, within the melody, which helps improve all your playing.

Earl White Stringband Concert

Earl White, Adrienne Davis, Victor Furtado, Stephanie Wolf
Join the Earl White Stringband at their first time at the Rollick! This will be a hot one hour old-time concert live from Floyd, Virginia. The band consists of Earl on fiddle (known for his many great tunes) Adrienne Davis on guitar, Victor Furtado on banjo (Winner of the 2015 Clifftop Banjo Contest and the 2019 Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass) and Stephanie Wolf, String Bass. This will be rockin & rollickin, don't miss it!

Farewell Gathering/Jam

All Staff
One last chance to sing, play, and dance along with the whole Rollick staff (in the key of A) and a goodbye (in D!)

Fiddle I

Becca Wintle
Learn a simple tune in standard (GDAE) tuning, with tips for bowing and fingering to improve tone and intonation.

Fiddle II

Emily Schaad
Emily will teach a fiddle tune with bowings in cross tuning AEAE, with emphasis on rhythm in the bow.

Fiddle III

Emily Schaad
A tune from Marion Thede's The Fiddle Book. We will break apart and learn the tune, and talk a bit about this resource.

Gospel Sing

Ginny Hawker, Valerie Mindel, Emily Miller, Riley Baugus, Debra Clifford, Becca Wintle, Maggie Shar, Sarah Hawker, Ruth Ungar & Lyn Hardy
Sing along with some of our favorite gospel songs for a beautiful old fashioned Sunday morning sing. Led by your wonderful Rollick staff with a few extra special guests!

Nic Gareiss Flatfoot Dance Concert

Nic Gareiss
Nic Gareiss presents a solo hourlong livestream drawing on his deep love of dance and music from across the North Atlantic. From solo a capella percussive dance pieces danced out on the 1935 wooden floor of his home, simultaneous song and flatfoot numbers following the legacy of fellow Midwestern singer and dancer John Hartford, and ballads chosen for their continued relevance for our time, Gareiss projects warmth, finesse, and do-it-yourself folk inventiveness through the screen and into your living rooms.

Nic Gareiss: Extended Flatfoot Techniques

Nic Gareiss
This class for intermediate-advanced percussive dancers will focus on the technical possibilities of Appalachian flatfoot techniques. We'll hone in specifically on North Carolina dancer L.C. King's Shelton Laurel Backstep as a starting place to explore, expand, deconstruct, and develop rhythmically and gesturally.

Old Time Duets Val and Emily

Valerie Mindel,Emily Miller
We'll learn one or two lesser-known songs in the genre, looking at lead and harmony options and challenges as well as strategies for practicing and singing together in these socially distanced times.

Old Time Guitar

Debra Clifford, Becca Wintle
Debra will teach an Intermediate old time guitar class with Becca on fiddle. There will be bass runs and emphasis on rhythm and playing tunes along with Becca's fiddle. It will help to have basic knowledge of these chords: A, E, D, G, C. All levels are welcome and will learn something new.

Open-Tuned Fiddle (DDAD)

Judy Hyman
Learn a tune in DDAD tuning! This open tuning makes our instruments ring and our heads vibrate. Along the way we’ll explore creating rhythm and time by sweeping and rocking our bows. *Anyone* can participate in the class and get something out of it, though it will be taught at a Fiddle II-III level. Please arrive with your fiddle tuned.

Opening Concert & Jam

All Staff
Let's kick off the 2021 Rollick! Each Rollick teacher will play a piece and talk about their classes. Just a great way to settle in and get inspired for this amazing Old Time Rollick weekend!

OT Trios, Val and Emily w/special guest Ginny Hawker

Valerie Mindel, Emily Miller, Ginny Hawker
We'll look at trio singing in old-time and early country music, learning a couple of good-to-know songs and talking about the ins and outs of hammering out trio harmonies.

Rhythm Explosion: Banjo Uke, Mando & More

Debra Clifford, Jeff Claus, Becca Wintle, Judy Hyman
Rhythm Explosion: Banjo Uke and Mandolin with and for Fiddle Tunes with Jeff Claus and Debra Clifford. The banjo uke, often called a drum on a stick, can create a compelling groove in Southern stringband music. Jeff will demonstrate briefly how to make a solid, basic rhythm on the banjo uke, then we’ll spend the bulk of our time playing fiddle tunes with his best friend and spouse, Judy Hyman. Debra Clifford will be a partner in all of this, playing and talking about how to use the mandolin in a similar role with Becca on fiddle. Banjo uke, regular uke, and mandolin played in this style require rock steady motor skills, and the best way to develop these is to play a lot at a moderate tempo. This is what we’ll do, with tunes selected to help us feel, create, and maintain a solid groove.

Sat Night Jam with Staff

All Staff
Come and jam with one big Rollicking staff! Tunes (in G!) will be played slowly a couple of times through to help you pick them up and then up to speed. Listen, play or dance along. FUN!

Slow Jam

Jay Ungar,Molly Mason
A slow jam for all instruments with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason

Song Swap with Val

Valerie Mindel, Emily Miller
Sing along with staff and students in this fast-moving, no-teaching song swap featuring old-time and country songs. Sign-ups for slots will happen through the chat while the swap is taking place, but even if you do not lead a song, you'll be able to join in on everything, thanks to the wonder of the mute function on Zoom.

Special Dinnertime Concert

Nokosee Fields & Ryan Nickerson
Nokosee & Ryan will be playing great old time fiddle and guitar music live from Lafayette, Louisiana at the dinner hour. Nokosee won the Clifftop Appalachian Fest fiddle contest in 2019. This will be some superb rockin' Old Time. We are very proud to welcome them for their first time at the OT Rollick!

String Bass

Molly Mason, Jay Ungar
Get the low-down on building a solid, pleasing bass line for Old Time tunes and songs. Learn basic techniques for making a good sound and creating a supportive groove for other musicians!



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