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James Williams
Director of Facilities & Maintenance
(845) 657-8333 x17

James was born and raised right here in the Hudson Valley. After finishing high school, he jumped right into the construction trade, wanting to learn anything and everything there was to being a carpenter. He has always LOVED the great outdoors and traditional roots music; that's what really drew him to this wonderful place. His roots run deep on this land/campus, as his Great-great-great-great-great-great Grandfather (Lemuel Winchell) built the Inn that's onsite here. It's a real honor for him to walk, work, and live in his ancestors' footsteps. It's also a wonderful place to raise his growing family!
Jason Masters
Facilities & Maintainence

Malcom Grant
Facilities & Maintainence

Stefan Dolan
Facilities & Maintainence

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