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We are excited to announce in-school options for the 2022 school year. This new integrated learning model offers 3 program strands: Ecosystems Investigations, Wildlife Studies via Birds of Prey, or Introduction to Biomimicry and the Biomimicry Design Challenge. (see below)

Each strand supports rigorous and experiential learning aligned to the NYS Science and Engineering Learning Standards and integrates the 4 C’s of the 21st century: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity. It includes the following four components:

  • In-School Program where we come to you to provide your students an experiential learning experience
  • An Ashokan Field Trip for in-depth explorations and investigations at our 385-acre nature preserve
  • Professional Development for teachers to provide pre/post resources and assistance in the development of inquiry-based lessons
  • Optional 1-hour interactive Virtual Field trips (Click here for a full menu)

Uncover Ecosystem Health Indicators

Students become citizen scientists by actively investigating Ashokan’s aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems to expand their understanding and appreciation of the local environment. Using various phenomena to inspire inquiry, students will determine the health indicators of our pond, creek and watershed to discover how climate change, pollution, and invasive species threaten the health of these vital ecosystems.
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Investigate Birds of Prey

Explore the expansive world of birds from small songbirds to iconic birds of prey. From diet to habitat to behavior, we will delve into all aspects of avian ecology. Studying food webs, adaptations, and biodiversity, students will learn where birds of all kinds fit into the ecosystem and how we can help protect our feathered friends.
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More questions? Reach out to our staff directly:

Dan Shornstein Director of Education 
845-657-8333 x25