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Virtual Field Trips

Since 1967, we have offered quality residential and day programs for school groups. When schools are ready to return in person for outdoor day trips, we’ll be ready and waiting! In the meantime we are excited about serving the teachers, students, and families who are not able to visit us in person with brand-new, in-depth Virtual Field Trips offered thru Zoom. Students aged 8-12 can explore the intricate web of nature thru the study of Ashokan’s forest, streams, and ponds, and dynamic on-screen encounters with local pollinators and rescued birds of prey.

  • live hour-long sessions in Zoom
  • aligned with NYS learning standards
  • tailored to Grade Levels 3-7 but can be enjoyed by all ages
  • enhanced by a cinematic “in the field” video segment
  • central themes of sustainability and resilience
  • interactive activities and Q&A
  • eligible schools may receive state aid via BOCES Co-Ser

Schools may schedule a group session any weekday by filling out our inquiry form above. Book the first session for your group of up to 30 students for $200. Additional sessions may booked by the same school within a three-week period for only $75 each.

Families may also check our events page for publicly offered after-school/homeschool sessions on Sunday afternoons or Monday evenings at 5pm. 

Stream & Pond Investigations

Let’s take a field trip to Ashokan’s Esopus Creek and pond and investigate two very different aquatic ecosystems. We will catch and examine macroinvertebrates, learn about indicator species, and join Hailey in the lab to get a closer look at microscopic life using our powerful NOAA microscope.

Climate Science: Evidence to Action

What's the difference between climate and weather? What are the scientific indicators of Earth's changing climate over time and how are young people and adults studying its causes and effects? Learn and investigate with biologist Hailey Luedtke and discover what you can do to make a positive difference.

Tap the Sap! Maple Sugaring Science & History

What makes the sugar maple tree so special? Did Indigenous people eat pancakes? Learn the history of maple sugaring in NY State from pre-Colonial era to today's modern methods, explore the fascinating science of sap & syrup, and examine potential climate change effects on the horizon.

Explore & Draw

Students 7-14 are invited to learn about nature, color, and form with world-renowned botanical artist Wendy Hollender. Explore and Draw lessons will inspire you to forage outdoors for materials and engage in drawing and painting with newly opened eyes to discover and draw the beauty of the natural world.

Rescued Birds of Prey

Journey with us to Ravensbeard Wildlife Center to meet wildlife rehabilitator, Ellen Kalish, and her rescued birds of prey. Hear each bird's fascinating story of resilience, and learn about the critically important role of bald eagles, owls, falcons, and hawks in the food chain.

Forest Mysteries Revealed

What's happening to the Ash Trees? Put on your citizen scientist hats as we explore and investigate a mystery in Ashokan’s forest ecosystem. We will learn to identify the beautiful deciduous and coniferous trees that live in New York’s Hudson Valley and reveal what we can do to help preserve forest biodiversity.

The Power of Pollinators

Come travel with us to the magical garden of Maraleen Manos-Jones to learn how bees, butterflies and birds support the cycle of life. We will explore how pollinators promote biodiversity and help us grow the food we eat. Learn how you can help pollinators in your community by creating your very own pollinator gateway garden!

More questions? Reach out to our staff directly:

Dan Shornstein Director of Education 
845-657-8333 x25